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Mindshare Is The Right Solution

There are several factors which set Mindshare systems apart from competitors. Others may hit on some of the following points but only Mindshare fulfills them all.

No System Size Limitations

Mindshare console systems place zero restrictions on the number of operator positions available in a system. System sizing is flexible and may be expanded any time after initial deployment without penalty. It is a build as you grow approach.

No Central Controller

Mindshare console systems use a distributed architecture which does not rely on a central controller. Each component operates independently.

No Position PCs

Mindshare console positions eliminate the need for a PC which is separate from the audio processor. The Mindshare console uses hardware built specifically for dispatch which integrates the audio processor and PC into a single device. Doing so provides a controlled solution which completely eliminates any variability introduced when using commercial off-the-shelf PCs.

No Single Point of Failure

As a result of the Mindshare console system’s distributed architecture, the system has no single point of failure. This guarantees continued operation if any piece of the system is taken off line.

Case Studies

Within these selected case studies, our customers share some of the problems we’ve solved for them and ways we’ve exceeded their expectations.


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