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Public Safety

We understand the Mission-Critical demands of Public Safety.

The strengths found within the experience of the Mindshare Team, taking advantage of many years of critical expertise in the Communications Industry, allows us to recognize the fact that Technology, though vital, is not truly beneficial without the ability to utilize it in the most efficient manner, especially in Public Safety circumstances.

In Mission-Critical Dispatch Communications, lives depend on Performance, not Promises.

By uniquely packaging the expertise that comes with the many years of hands-on experience in design, development, installation, and needs of Emergency Communications Center Operations with the highest quality State-of-the-Art Technology, our team has unparalleled capabilities to provide the System you require and deserve in your Mission Critical Operation .

Just as the roles of Public Safety vary somewhat dependent upon the specific duties required, whether it is an E-911 PSAP, an Emergency Operations Center or a University Campus, Mindshare provides the tools and flexibility needed to meet and exceed your Mission-Critical requirements both presently and as your future needs dictate.

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To properly describe the Mindshare ‘Campus’ System requires to first isolate the type of System environment itself.

Typically, Campus is one of two basic categories; Institutional or Industrial.

The Institutional classification includes entities such as College / Universities, Hospitals, etc. while an Industrial Campus determination can be applied to a large number of diverse applications. Examples include Airports, Petrochemical plants, Casinos and Manufacturing complexes. Virtually any facility with a pre-determined area of operation can apply and each has its own specific Operating Procedures applicable to their Dispatch needs, ranging from a full Public Safety environment, a totally Commercial operation or even a hybrid of both.

Mindshare’s unique totally VoIP design, eliminating the need for both Position PC’s and

Central Processors combined with the diverse operating features available provide the ability to customize your System as needed.

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Like the demands of the Public Safety arena, Utility Command & Control Centers often entail a large geographic operating area as well as a diverse set of functional Control responsibilities. These can range from Generation, Distribution & Service including often a coordination with Public Safety personnel both on-site and/or through Emergency Operation Control Centers in cases of emergency.

The Mindshare System provides the ability to customize your Center to best meet the specific needs of your local responsibilities. These include the ability utilize many of the features present in the Public Safety environment including a full SIP based VoIP telephone and Recorder functionality.

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Transportation Communication Centers assume multiple responsibilities ranging form Dispatch, Monitoring, Maintenance and Incident Response. Multi-tasking and adaptability are common occurrences, whether it is a wide-area transport / delivery or a pre-planned Mass Transit operation.

.The Mindshare VoIP Dispatch Console System is a true Second-Generation VoIP Radio Dispatch Platform, adaptable to the specific requirements presented by the System’s application.

Because of its completely distributed VoIP design and no need for a “Central Electronics” or Server, required, the Mindshare System can accommodate virtually any size or complexity presented.

With the elimination of proprietary system wiring, positions are connected via Ethernet, and can use standard (even existing) LAN/WAN infrastructure. This relieves any restriction on the number of console positions, radio channels, phone lines or distance between system elements.

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Case Studies

Within these selected case studies, our customers share some of the problems we’ve solved for them and ways we’ve exceeded their expectations.


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