Control Station Interface

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Mindshare Radio Interface

The Mindshare Radio Interface (MRI) is the remote end piece of the Mindshare dispatch system. Used for tone controlled radios, direct connected control stations, and intercom interfaces, the MRI also provides advanced control of supported vendors devices for features like ANI, Emergency, and Voter control.

Programming of the MRI card is done through its web browser interface allowing for setup and configuration from any location on the network. Potentiometers are implemented digitally allowing greater flexibility to maintain the device without having to visit the device.

The MRI is manufactured as a card that can be plugged into either a single unit enclosure, or into a 16 channel 3 unit rack card cage. Connection to the radio is done through the card allowing one card to be pulled out and replaced without having to move wiring.

The Mindshare Card Cage brings integration and maintainability to the highest level. The card cage contains an 18-port switch, 16-ports for cards to plug into and two external network connections. A single network and power connection is all that is required to put up to 16 MRI cards onto the network with no additional wiring required. For redundancy, the card cage internal network can be separated between the 8th and 9th card slots, allowing for two completely separate network connections to be used within a single cage. Power connections exist for each half of the cage as well allowing a single cage to be powered and networked as if it were two separate cages.


Rack Mount Cage

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